What Type of Yoga is Best for Beginners?

Yoga is a practice that has been around for thousands of years, and it has become increasingly popular in recent years. With so many different types of yoga available, it can be difficult to know which one is best for beginners. Hatha yoga is always recommended for those just starting out, as it is considered to be a more gentle form of yoga. Traditionally, it's a slower type of movement where you hold each pose for a few breaths while focusing on improving your posture.

Hot yoga is similar to Bikram in that it is practiced in a heated room, but teachers aren't limited by Bikram's sequence of 26 poses. Detail-oriented and slow-paced, Iyengar yoga is also good for beginners. Vinyasa yoga, also known as ashtanga yoga, tends to move at a faster pace and, unlike the more frequented Hatha yoga, breathing is used in synergy with movement. Candlelight yoga is a great way to end the night and help close out the day or week.

Jivamukti yoga combines the physical parts of Vinyasa yoga with the ethical and spiritual parts of ancient yogic texts. No matter what type of yoga you choose, it's important to remember that it may not be the right practice for everyone. While the heat will make you feel like you can make more progress in some poses compared to an unheated class, it can be easy to stretch too much, so don't try harder than you can. In hatha yoga, the instructor will teach basic poses to help strengthen and promote the body's flexibility, and the class generally moves at a slower pace with controlled movements and stretches that align with breathing.

Vinyasa or Ashtanga style yoga classes are different every time you attend them, and they promote a calm and relaxing environment under candlelight while your instructor guides you through the traditional movements of yoga. Jivamukti yoga includes the whole body, as students aged 8 to 88 benefit from this total body training.For maximum benefit, choose a yoga style that fits your fitness level, as well as your personality and goals for practicing yoga. Accessories, from blocks and blankets for yoga to straps or ropes for walls, will become your new best friend, as they will help you work within a safe and effective range of motion. If you want to buy your own yoga mat, The Wirecutter has done a full review of your options.Yoga is an excellent way to improve your physical and mental health.

It's time to unfold your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that have hooked yoga practitioners around the world for thousands of years. We have your definitive list of classes that specialize in yoga for beginners, as well as tips for identifying the style you like best.

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